Until I Met Him

Until I Met Him

Clare works as a room service staff in cruise ships met a rich businessman passenger named Michael. Both of them gets attracted to each other and spen...
tangled obsession

tangled obsession

warning- sexual content, polyandry ? Florina was living a perfect life with a perfect job and a lovely boyfriend but her once fairytale peaceful lif...
The Prophecy

The Prophecy

Danielle Paquette-Harvey
Sarah was not expecting to find love when she started her new job. She felt drawn to him like to no other man before. Things escalated quickly but she...
Lies And Desires

Lies And Desires

One bracelet, two women... Who was the real princess? Alexander Hanks had spent most of his life looking for the little girl who had saved him from d...
The Last Luna

The Last Luna

Right from the beginning, I was at the losing end. The unfortunate girl with an abusive dad and no mom. I was always different from others and never k...

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Billionaire's Baby Runaway

Billionaire's Baby Runaway

Andra-Cristiana Stan
I'm Alexa Shawn, 32, virgin, a curvy girl and criminal lawyer by profession. I'm never one to want a relationship with someone. Actually, I'm banning ...
Step but not Brother

Step but not Brother

Angelina (cute girl)
Amelia meets her stepbrother who is handsome hunk, sexy muscled body guy and a billionaire in her mom and step dads reception party. Things turn up a...
Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Raven Queen
An average girl realizes that she is the long lost Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Gardenia and the fiancee to the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Dom...
The Wallflower & The Alphas

The Wallflower & The Alphas

Addison Winters
"Stop! "Avery" I heard a deep manly voice behind me. ?So, I ran away with tears running down my cheeks. ?I want to die! "Please," sweetheart." I heard...


There's a fire that burns hotter than normal. A fire that moves from skin on skin, lips on lips, lips on skin. One is broken, the other breaks others,...


My Soulmate Mafia

A tall handsome guy who's family owns many businesses ...

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For the last three years, she has lived a normal human...

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A lady finds herself in a love triangle between two ha...

Modern Romance
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  • There's a fire that burns hotter than normal. A fire that moves from skin on skin, lips on lips, lip...


  • Ruby Whitney Helen, a twenty-two-year-old lady is caught in the arms of the most feared Mafia in the...

    Ber NA Det

  • A story about two people who fell in love, her parent doesn't want her to bring any random guy. The...


  • Annalise, born into royalty, heir to the Greemalian Throne. Part human, part Siren. Her whole li...



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